12-year-old Justice Ellerson is a young African American Female entrepreneur. She’s currently a sixth-grade student at Marbury Middle School. Her favorite subject is math. She began taking gymnastics at the age of 3 with United Gym Stars and went on to be a level 3 gymnast with Lisa’s Dance Dimensions.


Justice is currently a Brown Belt in Taekwondo and enjoys playing video games, soccer, basketball, and making AMAZING lip gloss.


She has wanted to make her own lip gloss since she was 5 years old; however, her mom was not sure that she was serious about taking on all that came with that. This summer her mom expanded her beauty supply store and Justice kept up with her every step of the way, from opening and running the store, to even helping train employees. Justice found this a great time to mention again to her mom about making her own lip line, and on June 21, 2022, together they created Poppen Cosmetics. 

Justice completed an entrepreneur camp this summer with That’s My Child Organization, and she really enjoyed it and learned some valuable information. Upon completing this camp, she received a $500 dollar grant to assist her in her business. She has since done a few pop-up shops and done exceptionally well. 

After being in business for a while, Justice decided to expand her business. She now offers lip gloss, body butters, candles, bonnets, lashes, earrings, and more! 

Poppen not only describes our mission and products, but it defines our CEO, her team, and our journey.  We are: P-Pursuing O-Our, P-Passion, P-Passionately, E-Effortlessly, & N- w/No limits. 

Poppen cosmetics goal is to inspire those around us to pursue the goals that they aspire to do with no limits. Never underestimate yourself, reach for the stars, and aspire to be your best self. We want everyone to pursue their passion, passionately, effortlessly, w/ no limits. We are Poppen in Royalty! Remember to stay POPPEN!